About me

I had an idea. An idea to create range of healthy, natural and sustainable products. Products that matter...... to you, your family, your furry friends and the planet.

BodyDesign by Wendy, a range of clean, natural protein, superfood, muscle balms and meal plans for you, your family and your friends.

I care about what I eat and use so why shouldn't my pets. After all, they are my furbabies!  I created ELLA & ABBI a premium range of natural and organic, healthy treats and superfoods, luscious paw balms, pawfume sprays, calming sprays and more, all for your best furry friend.

Pets, nature and wildlife photography. Everything I feel passionate about. How could I share my world, your world, the planet that needs our help?  Create unique and sustainable greeting cards for all occasions, printed with my photographs.  Each card is handmade and has been embedded with tiny seeds. Once the card has been read, it can then be planted to become a forever card!  Perfect for birthdays, a thank you card, weddings and more.

I am also a fitness fanatic and started doing bodybuilding competitions a few years ago.  Fitness website 'bulkhackers' has more of my journey and how I started, read all about my journey here...